The quality standard of Decant group clothing industry.
As well as its quality charter,  Decant group has created its own quality standard based on the norm NF_X_06_022.
This standard is made of the manufacturing tolerance standards which are defined within Decant group clothing industry. It doesn’t take the place of our customer specifications, but is another guarantee of our manufacturing quality.

The quality standard of Decant group clothing industry is given to all our customers.

Decant group’s quality Charter.


In order for ARAWAK and DEMAD to satisfy their customers, Decant group has decided to develop and put into practice its quality charter..


This charter reflects our commitments, and helps us to improve. This is also a guarantee of our will to improve the quality of our service and of our manufacturing, in order to be competitive.


Therefore, the companies of Decant group, ARAWAK and DEMAD we are committed to respect all of the quality requirements that are part of this charter.


Through this charter we want to spread a successful image of the manufacturing of Decant clothing industry in Madagascar but also of our ability, our professionalism and our specificities which are part of the international manufacturing standards.


With this quality charter, the Decant group companies ARAWAK and DEMAD promise to provide you with the best quality.
In terms of:
Organisation of our companies

  • With the implementation within our organisation of a management system for a uniform quality based on ISO 9001.


Relation and commercial communication.

  • With the implementation of mutual structures and methods of a transparent communication and to respond in a reactive manner to our customers.


Raw material:

  • By the quality control of our supplies of raw material and accessories.


Quality and technical mastery of our manufacturing

  • With the implementation of a manufacturing process and of a quality control based on ISO 9001.


Ethnic, social and environmental

  • With the respect of a strict social and environmental code of conduct.


Continuous evaluation and improvement.

  • With a regular and out evaluation of our commitments.
  • With the regular update of our quality charter.



With the aim of answering the increasing demands of the market, the Demad company engaged an approach of stake in conformity and obtained the ORGANIC EXCHANGE CERTIFICATE.

As part of its unceasing pursuit of raw materials mastery and with the aim of meeting its customers Quality requirements, the DECANT GROUP equipped its Quality department with a fiber strength tester (dynamometer) in order to test and guarantee the required resistance standards.


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