Arawak and Demad stand as the results of a long experience in the clothing industry.


Working in their respective area of specialization (Women and Children), both companies aim at being models in their trade.


First of all, quality is an objective to achieve as well as an area for daily improvement for the companies: every staff member makes it their personal mission to further innovate for quality. This commitment is materialized in the Decant Group’s Quality Charter for the clothing industry.


Second, in our relationships with our customers, we foster the concept of partnership under which we offer them support in the technical development of their collections by conciliating the requirements of fashion with industrial know-how.


Finally, Arawak and Demad’s efficiency lies in our policy of making men and women the very heart of our enterprises: our social and managerial policy enables all our coworkers, regardless of their positions, to develop and contribute at their best to our endeavors.


Operating in Madagascar is also key to our success. Indeed, our assets against Asian countries are numerous, namely in terms of cost stability.
With such assets, you are assured to win with us the challenges of the future.


Please, join us in touring Arawak and Demad. Along with my team, I will be happy to work with you in defining our future partnership. 




As part of its unceasing pursuit of raw materials mastery and with the aim of meeting its customers Quality requirements, the DECANT GROUP equipped its Quality department with a fiber strength tester (dynamometer) in order to test and guarantee the required resistance standards.

DEMAD is audited by the certifier organism SGS as part of setting up of its “social and environmental” code of conduct. The audit results were positive for both companies in the group, ARAWAK and DEMAD, who subsequently were awarded SGS compliance certificates.

Upon an initiative by staff representatives, DEMAD organizes a full day recreational outing with all the staff and their families at Analamanga Park, 26km south to Antananarivo. The outing was an occasion for picnics, hikes, live shows, sport meetings, music, and dances.


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