Our textile partners
The Decant Group’s relationship with its customers lies on the concept of partnership, in the same way as its working relationships with its main suppliers.
With the partnership approach, the group’s clients have the assurance that they will benefit from a quality of production and service identical to that the Decant Group factories.
As part of the approach, the Decant Group:
·        Selects rigorously its suppliers based on criteria tailored to own organization.
·        Integrates its suppliers at the pre-production phase in the development of producing techniques.
·        Assists the supplier in the development of the required product.
·        Monitors the production of the required product with the supplier.
·        Shares its best practices with the supplier
·        Works with the supplier on a long-term basis.
Thus, our main providers become our Partners, striving with us for the goal of “Working better by being together



SOCOTA Fabrics Madagascar has been operating in the region for more than 60 years. SOCOTA produces a whole range of fabrics, mainly in cotton, which includes dyed woven, printed and plain dyed fabrics. Its biannual collections of middle-range products present namely:
-         Veilings of combed cotton graded up to Ne 80 for women shirts and child products;
-         Monofilament and plied yarn combed poplin for men shirts;
-         Printed fabrics inspired by the last fashion trends.
In addition, its quality laboratory has been accredited by Organic Exchange and Oekotek Class.
For further information or to contact SOCOTA, please go to: www.socota.net


consolidated fabrics ltd


Consolidated Fabrics Ltd (CFL) is based in Mauritius and is positioned as a strategic partner of outfitters in the Indian Ocean area.
With its 160 shuttle looms, CFL produces 8 millions meters of slay and pick per year in yarn dyed and plain dyed fabrics with a mean lead time of 4 to7 weeks.
Our very diverse production enables us now to offer a wide range of products: 100% cotton, cotton/linen, cotton/silk, cotton/spandex, cotton/polyamide/spandex, organic (GOTS or OE), FairTrade.
Our Product Department is devoted to the creation of collections, the hand, the finishing, etc.
The Marketing Department which employs about fifteen persons grant outfitters and end customers a permanent access to our services and is devoted to offer a world class service to our partners.
For further information or to contact CFL, please go to: www.cielgroup.com




LABELTEX is a company specialized in the production of labels: woven, printed and hardcovered labels, laser engraved, barcode and self-adhesive.
Our society has been firmly established in the label market in Madagascar since 2000 and belongs to a group comprising four companies based in Mauritius. Our seasoned staff enables us to offer customized and high quality services.
LABELTEX offers a wide range of products and services to meet all your needs.
We produce labels which media and finishing can fully meet your requirements.
For further information or to contact LABELTEX, please go to: www.label-textile.com



As part of its unceasing pursuit of raw materials mastery and with the aim of meeting its customers Quality requirements, the DECANT GROUP equipped its Quality department with a fiber strength tester (dynamometer) in order to test and guarantee the required resistance standards.


ARAWAK improves its canteen service by hiring a catering service that serves varied and balanced meals to the entire staff.


With the aim of answering the increasing demands of the market, the Demad company engaged an approach of stake in conformity and obtained the ORGANIC EXCHANGE CERTIFICATE.